Configurator Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Elige tu modelo y prueba nuestro configurador Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Prices are recommended and 21% VAT, do not include registration tax, consultancy or pre-delivery expenses. Depending on the autonomous community in which enrolls car, engines that emit more than 200 grkm of CO2 may have a high registration tax and consequently its price will vary (consult your dealer business consultant).

For the appropriate purposes , please note that this document is only an estimate of the price of a vehicle, without constituting , therefore , not a binding offer nor a budget. Consequently, in the case of being you . Applicant must , in any case , consult one of our sales advisors , to the effect that it draw the appropriate custom quote. Also, please note that all prices are recommended by the manufacturer to its authorized dealers prices ( factory incl. 21 % VAT). Optional equipment prices are valid only for factory assembly.

CO2 levels or levels of consumption here specified are those that were determined during the process of approval of the vehicle and may not be accurate. We are working in coordination with the competent authorities in order to take measures that apply, where appropriate.

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