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Legal Notice, Grupo Sala

This website was created by Grupo Sala for information purposes. Accessing this website implies consent and acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

1. Website ownership. The domain name,, is registered by Nueva Alta S.L., owned by GRUPO SALA. Pursuant to articles 15 and 16 of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, we inform you that you may exercise the right to access, rectify, cancel or refuse, by written letter addressed to Nueva Alta, S.L. (Resp. LOPD) Avda. Denia, 145. 03015 Alicante

2. Website intellectual property. All intellectual property rights regarding the content and graphic design of this website belong exclusively to Grupo Sala.
Therefore it is forbidden to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate or transform it, in part or in totality, without express authorization from Grupo Sala. Additionally, all commercial names, brands or signs of any kind contained in this website are protected by law.
Any reference to commercial brands, registered brands or signs and logos, whether belonging to us or third parties, implies a prohibition to use them without our consent or that of the original owners. Under no circumstance, unless expressly manifested, does access or use of the website or its contents confer the user any right whatsoever over the displayed brands, signs and logos protected by law.

3. Website content and links. The user accesses this website of his own free will. Access and navigation of this website implies the knowledge and acceptance of the legal notices, conditions and terms of use it contains. Access itself does not imply establishment of any commercial relationship whatsoever between Grupo Sala and the user.
Grupo Sala does not take responsibility over misuse of our website content, responsibility belonging exclusively to the person accessing or using them.
Furthermore, we do not assume any responsibility for the information contained in websites belonging to third parties that may direct to through links or search engines. These links are included on our website for information purposes only, and in no way constitute an invitation to purchase any products or services offered on the websites they direct to.
Should Grupo Sala acquire effective knowledge of links redirecting to websites whose activity or information is illicit, constitutes criminal offense or is liable of infringing goods or rights belonging to a third party, subject to indemnity, it will act with the necessary diligence in order to eliminate or deactivate said link as soon as possible.

4. Exchange or diffusion of information. Grupo Sala refuses any responsibility for the exchange of information between users through its website. We do not take any responsibility for website use by minors in the case of their accessing contents which could hurt their sensibilities.

5. Website updates and modifications. Grupo Sala reserves the right to update, modify, or eliminate the information contained in its website, as well as its configuration and presentation, at any time, without prior notice, and not subject to any responsibility.

6. Technical aspects. Grupo Sala does not assume any responsibility derived from technical problems or computer system faults not caused by our company, produced during connection to the Internet, as well as any damages caused by third parties through illicit interferences not within Grupo Sala's control. We also do not take responsibility for misuse of this website.
Grupo Sala does not guarantee the absence of computer viruses or other elements that could damage computer systems, electronic documents or files belonging to the user of this website or websites of third parties. We therefore assume no responsibility for damages caused by these eventualities. We are also exempt from any responsibility for possible damages suffered by the user as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information we facilitate when it originates from sources different from us.

7.1 Use of data obtained through forms. When the user gives his personal data through one of the website's forms, he is expressly authorizing Grupo Sala to use that data for the ends specified in the forms. Grupo Sala will add that data to a file owned by Grupo Sala, and will duly give notice to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.
Grupo Sala will incorporate the data provided by the user in a file owned by the same duly communicated to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection
Grupo Sala will not give or share this data with third parties unless the user agrees to it.
The user may exercise his right to access, rectify, cancel or refuse, by calling our customer service number 966 01 07 11 or by email to

7.2 Use of data obtained through cookies. This website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files generated in the user's computer that let us know this information:

Grupo Sala will look to establish appropriate mechanisms to obtain the user's consent for the installation of cookies that require it. Nevertheless, it should be noted that, in conformity with the law, it is understood that (i) the user has given his consent if he modifies his browser's settings to deactivate the restrictions that block the entry of cookies, and that (ii) said consent will not be necessary for the installation of those cookies strictly necessary for delivering a service expressly demanded by the user (through prior registration).
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8. Applicable law and jurisdiction. In general terms, relations with our clients derived from services featured in our website are subject to Spanish law and Spanish courts.

Our website's users understand all the above and freely accept it.