Grupo Sala’s complaints box

Complaints box

Via this complaints box, Grupo Sala provides a direct communication channel with the Board of Directors in order to report any irregularity or improper conduct contrary to existing legislation, or violating the ethical principles and standards set forth in Grupo Sala’s code of Ethics.

Complaints are directly addressed to the Group’s Internal Auditing Commission of the Board of Directors. Such Commission will be in charge of the processing, investigation and instruction of every complaint, as well as to adopt appropriate legal and disciplinary measures.

Grupo Sala Ensures de anonymity and confidentiality of any complaints filed. The complainant, if desired, may include his name, address or phone number to remain informed about his complaint’s processing and resolution

Online complaint form

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All fields are optional. Fill them in if you want to remain informed about your complaint’s processing. We remind you that all personal information in the form will be treated with total discretion.

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